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Local Courier Services

Local courier services hotlines..
Name Contact No.
TNT Express Worldwide (S) Pte Ltd  [E]  1800 214 1111    
OCS Courier Services Pte Ltd  62251366    
Nationwide Express Courier Pte Ltd  62854223    
Regent Courier Service    63392188    
First Choice Courier  63345523    
Kian Min Express Transport Pte Ltd  65335522    
Transnational Co Pte Ltd  68635333    
Network Express Courier Services PTE LTD  62933303    
J J Courier Service  62276080    
888 Express Courier Services  [CE]  63232268    
City-Link International (S) Pte Ltd  63443377    
Office Boy Services (S) Pte Ltd  63388081    
Speedlink Distribution & Trading  63333306    
Jupiter Singapore Pte Ltd  65452921    
A J Couriers  [N]  62513322    
Singapore Island Wide Courier Services  63360661    
Local Mail Service  62967901    
Kangaroo International Express Pte Ltd  63396800    
DHL International (S) Pte Ltd  62858888    
Islandmail Despatch Services  62755068    
ACE Express Couriers  68420368    
Man Courier Service  63345520    
Lee Kok Leong  62910511    
Speed Courier Service  64636011    
LCS Singapore (Pte) Ltd  62878455    
Mak Courier Service Pte Ltd  63443291    
FCS Courier Service  62925925    
L & J Courier Service  65344494    
Sagawa Express Singapore Pte Ltd  68626556    
Bluebell Courier  62949310    
Universal Courier Express Pte Ltd  65453779    
Courier Link Express Pte Ltd  65459990    
JNE Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd  62835456    
Anntak Express Services (Pte) Ltd  63369919    
A.S.A.P. Urgent Delivery Services Pte Ltd  62241922    
NYC Local Express Services  62938101    
LTH Worldwide Courier Service & Freight Forwaders  62928252    
A-Fast Courier Express  62952868    
Airpak Express Pte Ltd  63839200    
DPE International  67818888    
Marathon Courier Services  67332600    
Linehaul Express (S) Pte Ltd  65458505    
Lightning Express Service (S) Pte Ltd  62509008    
Inter Continental Courier Express  62527466    
OBS Corporate Services Pte Ltd  63388081    
Direct Courier Service  67351811    
Overseas Courier Service (S) Pte Ltd  62256262    
Local Trans Enterprise  62991150    
Wako Express Pte Ltd  65450101    
Fastpace Courier Service  63243328    
Federal Express (S) Pte Ltd  63712828    
Alpha Couriers  62953238    
Accel Marketing Services  63546968    
Roadmaster Couriers  62941211    
Nexcom Couriers (Singapore) Pte Ltd  63375896    
Northwest Courier Services  67410185    
IMC World Express Pte Ltd  68416211    
Courier Coverage Pte Ltd  64406323    
Jinfa Courier Services  63389260    
Link Associates (S) Pte Ltd  62815983    
Kudos Services  62712164    
Insa Courier Services Pte Ltd  62962163    
Daily Express Courier Services  62962574    
Arrow Line Services Pte Ltd  65429291    
Messiah Courier Express  63375800    
Federal Express Corporation  63905500    
Access Express Couriers Pte Ltd  67418438    
KWE Connection  65430133    
Jon-Ken Express Services Pte Ltd  62759081    
Worldwide Express  64408083    
OBC (S) Pte Ltd  62928088    
Business Trans Enterprise Pte Ltd  62970090    
DAL Courier Services  68722794    
M I S Speed Services  65464890    
First Flight Singapore Pte Ltd  65421109    
Elite Express Courier  64417646    
Katic Singapore Pte Ltd  63240402    
Girl Friday Management Services  63383221    
Action Express Service  62257596    
T J Couriers  62954155    
Steiner Courier Pte Ltd  63374214    
Citinet Express  62991811    
Itsudemo Despatch Services  62271002    
Milestone Courier Service  63460354    
Keris Mas Enterprise & Trading Services  63488979    
VS Courier Service  62993277    
Excel Express & Services  62360122    
Pioneer Express Courier Services  65661198    
Jet Reliable Service Business Pte Ltd  67379993    
Mier-Delphi Quick Services  63236429    
Point To Point Couriers  62929161    
J-Cam Network  62244088    
Houghton Commercial Service  67441680    
Nurexcel Services  63339661    
Courier Pigeon  62940028    
Express Runner Courier Services Pte Ltd  62580085    
Riders' Express Courier Services  62985191    
Team II Courier Service  65361252    
Inter-Forwarding Logistics Pte Ltd  65437410    
Global Courier Service  68425595    
East West Courier Services  62924022    
C&J Courier Service  62233687    
Sky Runner Courier Services  62979021    
Express Systems Pte Ltd  67432705    
Falcon Courier Services  62990223    
Linpet International  62243668    
Marvard Courier Services  62734484    
Trex Network International Pte Ltd  65454668    
Deltec International Courier Pte Ltd  62815988    
GD Express Worldwide N V  63440488    
Concord Express (S) Pte Ltd  65459661    
World Courier S'pore Pte Ltd  62820076    
Silk Express Freight Pte Ltd  65428081    
Couriex Service Pte Ltd  64737719    
Cityfast Express Courier Services  63330385    
Westpoint Courier Service  62624571    
Transpac Courier Express  68425018    
CWS Courier & Engineering Service  62514620    
Road Express Pte Ltd  62241144    
Asia Network Express  62988501    
Pronto Courier Service  63321696    
System Courier Service  65527957    
Usaha Express Trans Universal Pte Ltd  62211455    
Brink's Singapore Pte Ltd  62867666    
Pinnacle Flexi Services  62248418    
W & W Courier Services  63242970    
Silk Courier  65428081    
Speedmail International Pte Ltd  68424113    
Global Distribution Express Services Pte Ltd  67449112    
Acecom Express  64470797    
Trans Way Courier Service  62992923    
Dot Express Pte Ltd  64753938    
Chan & Company  62910809    
Flash-X Couriers  62221191    
Y/Y Courier Services  67790967    
Stork Express  62527214    
Uniglobe Express Service  62812933    
Uniwell Transportation  63243641    
Cargoex Logistics Pte Ltd  67440977    
  CargoEx Branch  
S T A Courier Service  62934183    
Wholesale Courier (S) Pte Ltd  65421651    
Ser Express Couriers Pte Ltd  62967797    
Fly Time Express  67430008    
Seacare Courier Services Pte Ltd  63377459    
Courier Point  64386869    
Zidlea Courier Services  62221324    
Business Courier Service  62242669    
Adroit Courier Services  62932433    
SLK Couriers Services  62966207    
Courier Y2K  62983119    
CSK Lines Agencies (Asia) Pte Ltd  63232088    
Deili Hang Trading & Transport Company  62846812    
Ratrace  64747493    
Two's Swift Courier  62993767    
Prowess Courier Service  64474010    
Halley's Express  62520488    
Fastrak Courier Service  63925282    
Citycom Express  63364675    
Cowell Express Services  64256041    
PQR Delivery Services Pte Ltd  67877788    
Seabourne Air Courier Pte Ltd  62803188    
Wist Connect Pte Ltd  67747747    
Trans Access Network Pte Ltd  65456635    
Bullet Express Pte Ltd  62221233    
OTM Express Services  62202388    
STS Worldwide Services Pte Ltd  63651460    
Highway Master Services  62753353    
Apollo Express Pte Ltd  63980356    
Welborne Courier Services  65662512    
Asterisks Express Pte Ltd  67495822    
Speedy Gonzales  62209290    
Speedy Prima Utama (S) Pte Ltd  68427375    
Dawn International Forwarder Pte Ltd  62623777    
Ziv Courier (S) Pte Ltd  62647767    
S E M Courier Services  62753127    
Reed Couriers Services  62951200    
Fast Link Operations Flo  63399874    
Anglo-American Courier Services Pte Ltd  63383195    
Doulos Courier Services  63399616    
Superway Couriers Pte Ltd  64876789    
Panther Express  62262022    
Circuit Courier Service  63248078    
Zin Xpress  63450019    
Steed Courier Services  62736191    
Creative Express Services  63344076    
R X Express Service  67458361    
Alpoint Courier Service  67526337    
Sunway Transportation Pte Ltd And Sunway Consultan  65622038    
Unisky Pte Ltd  62823119    
Will's Express Courier & Delivery Service  62910063    
World Hub Air & Sea Freight Pte Ltd  65465335    
Amazing Express Singapore  67436311    
Cargoef Logistics Pte Ltd  67440977    
Surge Courier Pte Ltd  65323632    
Del-Point Express  67442422    
Zamp Courier & Transportation Services  67474860    
Semesta Jet Air Courier & Cargo Services  67467122    
Cluster Link Supplies & Services  62712256    
Cosmos Inter Trans  62996737    
Airunited International Pte Ltd  62140261    
Friendbond Sin Express  64426831    
P T Jet Courier N Cargo Services  67467122    
Scanway Transportation  63455384    
Angel Express Courier SVS  62764464    
Sinkarta Freight Express (S) Pte Ltd  65454551    
Anco Delivery And Courier  64876220    
Elements Courier Services  67447122    
H An D Delivery Pte Ltd  65361806    
Strikes 7 Courier Service  63465100    
Serv-Fast Distributors & Services  65812293    
Partners Delivery Services  65461737    
Resources Distribution Centre Pte Ltd  62263828    

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